Saturday, August 07, 2004

PHTO0011: Mark in Dublin Zoo, 2nd August

I brought Mark to Dublin Zoo on Monday. I had taken two weeks holidays to spend with him, but found out after I had booked them that his mother is taking him to Germany next week - they're going tomorrow, in fact.

Paul was going to go for a drive anyway, so he offered to bring us. I decided to buy a digital camera for the heck of it, so I have photos... yay!

I spent most of my pay for three weeks between that, and drinking for my birthday Saturday & Sunday - Saturday was a disaster, so I had to have a do-over. After having a brief panic attack at work last Thursday, after misreading my ATM statement, I ended up broke anyway. Oh well.

My birthday ended up being a disaster because a) most of the lads were waiting for Sunday night (band holiday weekend), and b) Jimmy, who came down from Limerick for it, ended up getting arrested - I bumped into some girl in the club, she decided to blame Jimmy for whatever strange reason, her friends stuck by her, and he fucked them all out of it.

I tried to make peace, thought it had worked, and thought nothing else of it. Afterwards, I was chatting up some girl, and was just looking for a pen to get her number, when one of the friends of the girl from the club spotted Jimmy, and they tore into each other. One of the other guy's friends tried to put the boot in, so I went over and pushed him away, and told him to leave them to their own fight, if he wanted a fight, I'd give him one. The coward wasn't interested in that, and walked away. I turned around, and Jimmy and the other guy are being dragged away.

Still, better than most years, I think?

PHTO0011: Mark in Dublin Zoo, 2nd August
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