Tuesday, September 28, 2004

"A Certain Chemistry" quotes

"Her reply was to hoist up her nightdress and moon at me. Bit of an own goal, though, of course. Men can moon and it's funny or abusive or whatever. If a woman bends over and shows her bare bottom to you, well, the worst that can happen is you'll be too choked up with gratitude to get the words 'Thank you' out properly." "(copy editors, like, say, computer programmers or proctologists, are the kind of people you're hugely thankful exist, but whom you can't help worrying about at some very deep level)" "'There I am, supposed to be talking about my autobiography, and I can't think because my whole life is flashing before my eyes - how ironic is that?'" "We talked on and on. Talked for many times longer than we'd spent having sex, and, in its own way, it was better than the sex. Jesus. What am I on about? No it wasn't - the sex part was fucking stupendous. I appear to have started talking bollocks: sorry - that's the writer in me coming out, that is." "If you love your girlfriend, but you're planning to have sex with another woman the next day, then you feel a responsibility to massage her feet for absolutely however long she wants you to. It's all about respect, really." "'Keep an eye on me. After the third bottle [of wine] I might try to start a fight with someone but, if I don't, I'll need you to remind me.'" "When people say, 'I couldn't be happier!' they may well be right. When they say, 'I couldn't be any more miserable,' they are almost certainly grossly underestimating. I'd thought I'd felt like shit that day, but really I'd barely even entered the intestine." "Tom might feel like he's hurting 'cause he's lost Sara, but he's just hurting 'cause that's what happens to anyone at this point. The chemicals he's been getting are close to cocaine or nicotine not just 'cause they induce the same kind of pleasure, but 'cause they're addictive like them too. ... It's no wonder that now he's feeling just like someone who's going cold turkey." "They weren't meant to be together - or not meant to be together - they just met and were together for a while. Molecules and opportunity. That's the way you've got to look at these things."


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