Saturday, September 04, 2004

Good day for music

For me at least. At the moment, Headbanger's Ball is on. Alice in Chains ("Them Bones"), Kyuss ("Green Machine"), Down ("Stone the Crow"), and Refused and Dillenger Escape Plan. Other than that, I did fuck all today. Edited a bit for Linux Gazette, but that was about it. Other than that, I went to Joe's house to play some music. After a shameful showing, trying to play RATM (we were able to play all 4 Rage albums last time we practised... about 2 years ago), we tried some metal and hit our groove. After Joe switched from bass to guitar, and after showing him a few Carcass riffs ("No Love Lost" and "Heartwork") we tried a riff of mine, which he had no end of trouble with 2 years ago when we tried it last. Because it was "new" to him, and possibly because of his trial by metal fire (trying to play bass for my friend Trev's band), he showed actual interest in a song that has time changes, a timing oddity at the start (song is in 4/4, but the first bar is the verse riff in 3/4), and a lengthy lead at the end. (Oh! "Thieves" by Ministry is on now. Truly with this metal you are spoiling me MTV2. One of these days I'll buy that "In case you didn't feel like showing" video). I spent most of the evening learning how to play guitar standing up, playing through an amp, today. It only hit me just how out of practise I am a few months ago, when I went to Rory's house and tried it then -- I've spent a lot of time playing guitar in the last year and a half since I last had my amp, but it was mostly just playing along to CDs. It was no big deal to me to sell my amp back to Joe (though I did need the money for a phone bill) six months ago, which should have been a warning sign, but wasn't. It was only when I was in Rory's attic, unable to play riffs I should have known that it hit me. Now... well, at least I know I can solo at the drop of a hat, but I need to relearn a lot of riffs, and write some new riffs. But things are still looking up.


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