Wednesday, September 22, 2004

More Leftism

Managed to shower, though my left arm isn't as clean as it could be. Got my prescription. My mother collected it for me, and was interrogated by the chemist, who thought the painkillers a bit strong - glad I didn't go drinking. Joe tried to make out that Shocks was asking if I could hold a plectrum, but I just cleared out some old messages on my phone, and received this:

Sender: Joe Time: 21-Sept-2004 16:38:53 How bads the hand, i only herd ya reefd yrself, wen i ws hedin home, every1 seemd 2 tink it was fairly bad, all i cud tink ws, 'shit,he needs 2 hands 4 gtar'
and this:
Sender: Joe Time: 21-Sept-2004 17:04:21 Oh, and if ya hav a can holdin hand, call up 2 the gaf 4 kenys bday, we r getin fukd up, no work 2moro n all


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