Friday, September 24, 2004

New pTerry!

"Going Postal" is out soon! (I'm doing a little dance here, being really freakin' careful to not move my hand.) There's an excerpt here

“Look,” said Moist, “I don’t know what’s happening here, but I don’t know anything about delivering post!” “Mr. Lipwig, this morning you had no experience at all of being dead, and yet but for my intervention you would nevertheless have turned out to be extremely good at it,” said Lord Vetinari sharply. “It just goes to show: you never know until you try.”
I read "The Metamorphosis" yesterday. Great book. Related to it a bit too much, but great book. Found where I left "A Certain Chemistry" but didn't get around to reading much. Still extracted a few quotes though: "My academic career was indifferent to the point of beauty: I was so unremarkable, in every way, that the unvarying precision of my mediocrity achieved a kind of loveliness." "I'd scan the stock, ignoring everything but the price labels and the alcohol content of each item, do a quick 'cost divided by strength' calculation to work out the underlying Getting Pissed score of everything, and then go with whatever seemed most efficiently engineered."


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