Wednesday, September 01, 2004

New shift

As of Saturday, I changed shifts at work. Joe arranged it - he originally intended to join my shift - so we can start a band. So I was on nights instead of days. Bit of a culture shock, to go from my former shift to this - my previous supervisor is laid back, and doesn't mind what we do so long as the work is done, but my new supervisor has rules for everything, and has no problem eating the heads off anyone who breaks them. It was OK though, until 12am yesterday, when I was cutting something and picked up the wrong knife. I thought I had a blunt knife, and put a good bit of effort into cutting, and the knife ended up halfway through my knuckle. It seems I'll have to go to the factory doctor to see about getting stitches, because the damn thing bleeds any time I move my hand. At least it'll make it easier to turn my back on the place in January, as I've been planning.


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