Wednesday, September 22, 2004


This came from Paul:

Maybe people have seen this but here be a cool link to see what you name would be if you were a transformer: If anyone knows the address of the wu-tang clan name generator i would appreciate it. So from this day forth I will be known as WRECKPATH. I imagine i am a robot that can turn into some kind of countyu council JCB with those big jackhammers that they use to rip up the road. But question is will I be an autobot or a dastardly decepticon? Methinks i will be a good autobot then work my way up to being Optimus primes right hand man and trusted confidante then sneakily destroy him by putting sugar in his gas tank and reveal that i was a decepticon all along Bwah ha ha ha. (I really am watching too much wrestling) Was anyone watching the new series that started on SKY one last night called DEADWOOD? I heard it was popular in the states (or with the yanks, as thurles people would say) so i decided to watch it. Anyone else who saw it will surely agree: "JESUS CHRIST I HAVE NEVER HEARD SO MUCH FUCKING BASTARDING SHIT EATING COCKSUCKING CUNTING LANGUAGE IN A TV SHOW IN MY LIFE" Even i was shocked with the amount of cursing but the show didnt seem that great I will keepwatching to see how it goes until it warps my fragile innocent little mind. And thats pretty much all i have to say about that. Talk to ye soon.
"Jimmy O'Regan, from this day forward you will also be known as: Vector beef" I think I prefer Lefty.


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