Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Phone stuff

Cellspotting: is a global location based service for mobile users Celltrack: is a program to collect some phone information about the cell you are connected to - like the net monitor. GNUbox: is a simple program for the Nokia 7650 which allows you to configure the smartphone to access the Internet through an Infrared or Bluetooth access point. Gnapplet: use with Gnokii to manage a phone. BT dongles supported by Linux. Bemused: control an MP3 player with Bluetooth. Series 60 & Linux Multisync: Has SyncML support. Sync4j OPL: Open source Basic-like language for Symbian. * Firewall tunnel

New phone

I got a Blackberry phone friday and my mail settings came through today. It's pretty sweet but I have to figure out how to use attachments.