Monday, January 23, 2006


I just got my ticket. I’m going over from the 30th to the 3rd of February. My friend Leszek has gone home (he got a grant to start his own business), and invited me to stay.

I think, though, that I’ve been cursed by one of the girls I know :)

At Leszek’s going away party, he was telling me that his town is boring, and that I’ll have to find something else to do (while Beata was trying to talk me out of going in February), and suggested I visit Kraków. Beata piped up immediately “Yes! It’s the most beautiful city in the world! My city!”, so I said “Well, I was going to go, but now…” (she hit me).

Leszek: “No, you have to go!”
Me, in an overloud “I know she can hear me” whisper: “I know. Just don’t tell her that”.

So… after an initial look showed lots of flights to Wrocław (Leo lives near there), the only flights I could find with a credit card in hand (for less than 700 Euros) were to… Kraków.


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