Sunday, January 29, 2006

In 3 phases

Phase 1: A few quiet drinks with my brother

Phase 2: The mother of all drinking sessions

Both of my brothers, my cousin and I went drinking. My brother went to a shop while the rest of us were in the pub and bought us each a bottle of Buckfast—horrible, horrible tonic wine—and made me drink mine. My cousin wouldn’t drink his, and I was so drunk that when my brother handed it to me, saying there was only a drop left, I believed him (the bottle was full!)

So, then my other brother and I went to a club, where the drinks cost £1 each, and he was served doubles because he knew the bartender… Tequila all round!

I was so drunk that I had to crawl along holding the railings outside the place where I live just to move forward… and slept on the ground when they ran out.

The next day, I had the mother of all hangovers.

Phase 3: Party in Limerick

My cousin drove my brothers and my friend’s girlfriend down. My friend and I were going to take the train, because I had tickets, but we missed the first train because we were too busy drinking.

When we eventually got a train, we ended up stranded in Limerick Junction because there was a train strike. Eventually, they got us a taxi.

I don’t remember much of the night. I do remember downing a bottle of creme de menthes the next morning as mouthwash though :)


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